The 7 keys to address and scale your company's digital acceleration:

The 7 digital accelerators presented in our guide are global actions, interconnected in many cases, which together form a roadmap of the actions to be taken as part of a comprehensive process of corporate digital transformation.

Our 7 Digital Accelerators:


1. Create an awesomeCustomer Experience

Customer experience is the differentiating element in the new low-touch economy, and it is critical to meet users’ expectations at every touchpoint with the brand.

2. EmpowerMarket Disruption

It is essential to generate new business models and pivot from a product-based value proposition to one focused on the creation of dynamic and interconnected platforms.

3. Lead Innovationto the next level

Generating spaces for innovation, open collaborative ecosystems and starting to co-design with our customers will help us to understand them and anticipate their needs.

4. Harness the powerof Data and Analytics

The creation of an environment that allows large amounts of data to be hosted, segmented, distributed and analysed will facilitate the development of more effective and personalised strategies.

5. Boost yourBusiness Agility

We must strengthen the company’s capacity to understand the real needs of the market and to respond quickly, flexibly and innovatively by rapidly adapting our system.

6. Build aDigital Culture

Organisations must implement a digital corporate culture based on an agile and flexible paradigm, focused on people and continuous learning.

7. Leverage CuttingEdge Technology

Cutting-edge technology enables the creation of digital enterprise architectures, which drive the transformation of modular business models.