Introducing Air Cargo: Speed up the distribution of your e-commerce

Strategies for online sales are still happening. In addition to ensuring an appropriate product offer, improving the ecommerce ranking in search engines and worrying about the usability of the website and retaining customers, a fundamental task is to ensure that products are delivered on time and always comply terms and conditions stipulated during the purchase process. For this reason, Vector ITC Group has presented a new logistics model, supported by a state-of-the-art technology platform, which performs intercity order delivery in less than two hours.

It is a geolocated system, which informs in real time about the situation of the shipment. With Air Cargo, e-commerce and those with a physical presence selling online can offer a high quality delivery service that differentiates them from the competition, relying on an eco-friendly 100% transport platform.

Benefits of Air Cargo

This new way of understanding logistics, fully adapted to e-commerce businesses, has a number of advantages:

  • Agility: It is a point-to-point logistics system in which the trade makes an electronic sale, the pilots collect and deliver the item immediately, without routes, without storage and without delays.
  • Immediately: Being an innovative technology platform, it achieves intercity order delivery in less than two hours.
  • Transparent: It has a tracking system, shipments are identified and linked to a geolocated pilot, so that the trade and the end customer can make real-time tracking of your order.
  • Adaptability: Adapts to the needs of the end customer and commerce: place and time of collection and delivery, and changes once the service is launched.
    Ecological and technological service with a platform based totally on state-of-the-art technology, with mobile and web access, open for all types of commerce and end customer, and with 100% electric transport vehicles, without emissions and without noise.
  • Scalability: Possibility of growth and greater coverage, both time and zone, thanks to a flexible contracting model and working with collaborative models.

“The objective of this service is to cover a specific need, solving the problem of delivery in the last mile and improving the way of transporting cargo for shops“, says Rafael Conde, Director of Innovation, Strategy and Evolution Vector ITC Group. “In addition, we build trust, provide service and above all improve transport conditions that are not covered right now,” says Conde.

It is estimated that the turnover in the logistics market for e-commerce is around 1.5 billion euros, so it is necessary to know how to manage and operate the distribution to avoid possible problems of saturation or collapse in certain time of year.