ITB Berlin Technology Trends

Last week, ITB Berlin, the world’s leading tourism industry fair, took place this year on technological holdings applied to tourism. Vector ITC Group, a Spanish capital company, has been present at this year’s edition with the Balearic Government showing the latest trends and innovations in the sector.

“In 2017, Spain was the second most visited country by millennials,” says Jaume Roselló, director of Vector Balears. “With an estimated growth of around 53%, millennials are becoming the tourists of the future, so it is increasingly important to adapt to the most technological generations and offer digital services capable of meeting their needs, even from before to book a trip,” Roselló adds.

ItB Berlin’s top technology trends

During the fair in Berlin, the main technological trends that will drive the tourism sector in the coming years have been presented. Highlights include:

  • Tourism Business Analysis: 50% of the companies that presented stand at the Fair presented novel tools in the Analysis of the Tourism Business. Progress has been made in all aspects of it. The tools are of a sophistication that borders on science fiction. From, being able to offer specific products depending on the customer profile, improvise products to create unexpected demand, see the trends of your own B2C by country and introduce changes in those less active, online and on the spot. Up to, review live commissions on the B2B business with projections to days and months. The analysis of what is sold and offered is in every corner.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is positioned as the key trend that will lay the foundations of tourism of the future. Its main advantage is to be able to record the preferences of tourists in a very effective way, which will result in an improvement in the traveler experience. In addition, this is linked to the growth of the Internet of Things. By 2020, there will be more than 50 billion connected devices worldwide, using Artificial Intelligence to deliver an increasingly personalized service. This is the key to success to create unforgettable travel experiences
  • Blockchain: This will be one of the main technologies that will impact in the tourism sector, since it eliminates the figure of the intermediary, thus proposing a new distribution network based by a travel platform created by thousands of anonymous developers. “Blockchain is the future of this sector,” says Jaume Roselló.
  • Social Media: Millennials are the tourists of the future, and in 2 years, they will account for 75% of the workforce of many companies. This implies that investment in social networks is fundamental for the future of the tourism sector, as it opens the door to new interactions with users: booking places, personalized offers, etc.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will allow users to get insider information in advance about possible destinations through virtual tours.
  • Cybersecurity: It is a clamor of different business groups represented at the fair that cyberattacks are interfering very importantly in the way of doing business. The main problem is that an intruder enters and slowly spreads through different machines until they have a number of controlled elements and proceed to attack, with these attacks can destroy the work of months with a very high recovery cost . It is very important to have a technological platform that protects sensitive information of companies.

Vector ITC, a provider of technological and digital services, designs strategic projects to optimize the experience in the user’s lifecycle, from travel preparation, where to help develop multichannel hotel portals and environments with all kinds of up-to-date information, going through the purchase itself, with user-focused tools and micro-customization solutions and cross-selling strategies.

“Another important factor is the stay at the destination, so we have services based on the concepts of mobility and innovation, as well as the reputation of the organization”, says Roselló. In this sense, Vector ITC Group is responsible for the monitoring and management of reputation in social networks and hotel valuation systems.