Peugeot 5 times sales via mobile thanks to Vector Digital project

Peugeot, a French car brand with a presence in 160 countries and with more than 10,000 customer contact points, is a leading brand as it has marketed almost 2 million vehicles worldwide. However, its mobile phone customer acquisition model could be improved to increase sales. In this sense, Vector ITC Group, was responsible for bringing to life the customer journey defined by the French brand and carried out a lead generation campaign in order to improve the model of customer acquisition with a focus on test drive. “Peugeot’s test drive model could be optimized, because, despite the simplicity of the online form that the customer must fill out to book their appointment, only a 15% of the customers came to it,” says Carlos Peña, director of the digital area of Vector ITC. “We therefore focused our entire strategy on a lead campaign that not only increased the percentage of customers who go to appointments, but also has a direct impact on sales,” he concludes.

Mobile lead optimization and new customer service model

To reverse the situation in Which Peugeot was located, Vector Digital implements an end-to-end model based on the generation, acquisition, management and transformation of mobile leads. This strategy also included touting the effectiveness of introducing a new custom treatment model through a call center that would generate greater engagement on the part of potential buyers. Therefore, the first step was to capture the attention of the potential customer through their mobile device.

To do this, each time a user accessed adwords from their mobile it was driven to a landing where features and images of the vehicle were displayed, in addition to 3 possible tools: a call button, option of “call me” and a link to the landing page with information of the car chosen by the user. Using any of these tools, the potential customer could decide when and at which dealership to test the car. In this process, the mobile device plays a fundamental role, as it opens the door to creating a new channel of direct communication between the customer and the brand through which a personalized treatment can be given, obtain detailed information of the product being sought and being able to book a test appointment through an agent was key.

Once the customer’s attention is captured, the next step is to make an appointment. However, the really complicated step of this process is not to make the appointment, but rather to carry it out. To do this, a new personalized customer service strategy was implemented, which includes sending messages to remember the date and time of your appointment, as well as a subsequent call to know the satisfaction with the service. This new model resulted in the test attendance ratio being multiplied by 1.8.

“Our strategy combines online and offline media, so the leads at SEM mobil multiplied by 2.5,” says Carlos Peña, director of the digital area of Vector ITC Group. “Ultimately, working a multi-channel strategy has allowed us to increase sales of mobile-starting Peugeot vehicles by 5 times,” he concludes.