Tips to keep online sales falling in summer

  • Vector ITC Group bets on SEM campaigns, content adaptation, search engine optimization, price analysis, promotions and an original and different customer experience.

With the arrival of the summer period, there are many online sales platforms that have to redefine their strategy in this holiday season. Thus, while Christmas remains the driver of the year’s biggest sales, in summer, the disconnection of holidays makes a dent in internet commerce. Therefore, aware of the stress that is required of the platforms by these dates, Vector ITC Group gives the keys to define an e-commerce strategy that helps stimulate the sales of online channels.

According to Vector ITC Group, any e-commerce platform should comply with such general and basic aspects as having a good design, “accommodating user logic, intuitive, recognizable, secure”, Aldara Sanchez, UX technical manager at Vector ITC Group. In addition to having a navigation oriented to the sale, with a hierarchy of contents, careful sections and adaptation according to the information priorities. “The most important thing is to keep the user informed, showing the contact channels and allowing vanishing points that help and do not frustrate the purchase”, adds Aldara.

However, for the summer period it is not enough to meet these requirements, in addition we must define some strategies that attract customers and return them to the website. According to SumAll, online sales fall by around 30 during the summer. In this context, Vector ITC Group bets on SEM campaigns, content adaptation, search engine optimization, price analysis, promotions and above all provide an original and different customer experience.

Mobile searches

The smartphone always accompanies us during this period of the year, so we must give it great importance. It is on the smartphone where you can view, compare and buy the products from anywhere, like the beach, and enhance their sale. We may include certain promotions or offers targeted by target audience. And it is in the smartphone where you can use the resources, which have given such a good result in the pioneers of e-commerce as Amazon: push notifications of the products that the user consulted that have dropped in price, news about products in which the user showed interest or display related products based on searches.

SEM campaigns with Adwords and Display

Being visible in Internet searches is critical to the business. This is why it is increasingly necessary to resort and invest in SEM advertising campaigns, both in Adwords and Display. “At Display, for example, RRSS re-marketing is the ideal weapon to remind the user of a product they were interested in for a long time” says Aldara Sanchez, UX Technical Manager for Vector ITC Group

Adapting content and creating a new catalog

Promote content that matches quality and relevance. The catalogue of products and services must be reinvented in summer, offering a cooler face, with new photos, services, promotions, etc. “It’s time to bring to the storefront those products that we know are consumed the most this season” says Aldara Sanchez as ux technical manager of Vector ITC Group.

Search engine optimization

There are usually two user models when navigating: the one who knows what he wants (who uses classic navigation and takes advantage of product segmentation) and the one that digs into the searches. This user must be given, especially at this time of year, a very delicate treatment.

To do this, Vector ITC Group recommends analyzing and selecting the keywords for the browser to position you correctly. In addition, it is advisable to use an internal search engine on the website that reproduces the behavior to which the user is used, that is, a predictive search engine, that suggests other results and that has a good categorization of products.

Offer a different look&feel in your online store

The summer period is the perfect time to take a tour of the website and change the brand image, betting on a renewed and fresh profile. You can make a temporary change, only during summer, with an image adapted in tune with the seasonal products or take advantage and make a full facelift.

Analyzing prices and promotions

There is no doubt that price is one of the most important factors in online sales channels. In order to take advantage of summer visits, Vector ITC Group recommends adjusting prices as soon as possible and betting on promotions. Summer discounts (hotel packages + car rental, take the set of clothes and shoes) or seasonal gifts (for the purchase of a swimsuit take a sun cream as a gift) tend to arouse more interest among users during this time.

It is no longer enough for the user to purchase the product or contract the service, but their experience throughout the process must be original, different and satisfactory. “It is essential that in the summer months we do not relax. We need to adapt to new user habits to get the most out of our website” says Aldara Sanchez, UX technical manager at Vector ITC Group.