Vector ITC Group develops B2C portal for TUI Destination Service

The tourism sector is in continuous technological transformation. If the main challenge, just a year ago, was to unify all channels of communication with customers, the objective now focuses on integrating different leisure offerings into a single website.

Vector ITC Group has developed for the TUI Group a B2C responsive portal that offers the sale of tickets (events, leisure parks, shows, etc.) and excursions in only one site in five languages.

Tui Destination Services, belonging to the TUI Group, needed a technological and digital solution that would group the management of all the leisure and tourist experience reservations made by its final customers (B2C), from any country in German, French, Dutch, Polish or Spanish. Currently offering product in 11 countries and 80 destinations, its main objective was to develop a responsive, multi-language portal, capable of providing real-time information and being enabled for the customer to pay with the main payment methods.

GoTUI is the first online initiative for TUI Destination Services. They needed to develop an online service, by implementing an architecture that would allow the integration of third-party APIs. In this way all products from TUI’s own or external agencies will be available in the new portal thanks to the different API integrations.

“The solution was the development of a multi-device B2C portal that would serve at each stage of the customer experience: inspiration, planning, accommodation, transportation, activities, return, etc. All through an offer of experiences of multiple modalities”, says Juan Carlos Ramis, Project Manager at Vector ITC Group.

The portal is focused on the two types of end-client: the one who knows what he wants and the one who seeks inspiration to find it. To do this, it has differential elements such as stimulating visual resources, attractive and complete description of activities, inspirational videos, product highlights, accurate and advanced search, accurate filtering of results, design of pages focused on conversion, cross selling…

One of the keys to the success of the project has been the proximity of Vector Group thanks to its center in Palma Mallorca very close to our offices. We have been able to work together smoothly, directly and in an environment of transparency and continuous collaboration. Planning and objectives were defined and known to the whole team. TDS’s Rocío Lamas Senior Product Owner states.

It has been vital for us to work under the principles of Agile methodology (daily meetings, sprints, etc.) that provides us with a unique flexibility to develop the project and coordinate all the areas involved. Add TDS Senior Product Owner Lamas Spray.

Main advantages

With this solution, Vector ITC Group offers the TUI Group a platform that centralizes booking activities (tickets and excursions) and allows customers in their main markets to be reached online for the first time.

This means:

  • Great technological advancement and substantial improvement of processes in the gotui portal, thanks to the implementation of a robust architecture that allows the integration and coexistence of third-party APIs. It is currently being integrated into new developments for the group.
  • Open and flexible global architecture that provides the ability to support the business and business requirements of the B2C web, as well as the ability to consistently expand its technical capabilities and capabilities to meet the requirements and future needs.
  • Technological independence, greater flexibility and exponential reduction of the costs of its developments.

Tui Destination Services end customers have a platform that manages and accompanies them at all stages of the journey (advice, planning, development, return) offering them a unique customer experience, tailored to their needs.
Since its launch in April, bookings on the website have increased 50 a month, and it has been noted for its speed and security in the contracting of services. In addition, the page load time is less than 1.0 seconds

Technical aspects

“It was necessary to define a reference architecture that would serve as the basis for future web projects (B2B, etc.) and establish a methodology to control the quality of the software,” says Juan Carlos Ramís Project Manager at Vector ITC Group. To launch this project, a functional analysis, defining UX/Design, as well as a new reference software architecture for future sites (Angular JS, Magnolia CMS and Java) and a new systems architecture in HA and cloud (Amazon Web) have been needed Services).

A second phase has carried out the development and implementation of the solution, using agile methodologies (scrum), as well as installation and deployment in Amazon Web Services. After the various tests; functional, performance, security, system monitoring is carried out.

The TUI group is a benchmark in the tourism sector. With more than 20 million customers in 180 countries, it has a workforce of more than 67000 professionals and a turnover of 17.2 billion euros.