The infinity knowledge and intelligence behind the data ecosystem.

​The advent of technologies such as Cloud Computing, improvements in network speed and different techniques to analyze information have generated sufficient capacity to convert enormous amounts of complex data into insights with immense added value.​

The aim is to obtain detailed, reliable and in-depth business knowledge, allowing us to make smarter decisions with less risk; the real value of Big Data doesn’t lie in accumulating a large volume of data, but in extracting as much value as possible from it.

In this sense, AI is the major trend within the Big Data ecosystem. Once the capture and infrastructure aspects are covered, the next logical step is to seek support when analyzing massive data sets, and to be able to predict scenarios through this analysis.

The evolution of Big Data involves applying machine learning and deep learning algorithms to large volumes of information. Learning is possible thanks to the detection of patterns within data sets, making it feasible to predict future situations, to extract automatic recommendations for the most suitable data models and, finally, to generate insights that are converted into successful and reliable decisions and results through continuous learning.

Data size matters!


one word


one written page


the complete works of Shakespeare


audio of all the works of Beethoven


50,000 trees made into paper and printed


daily amount of data processed by Google


Netflix catalog streamed 5,000 times


250 billion DVDs


size of the entire World Wide Web

Big Data is hot! Now what?

Big data is made up of data that’s too large, complex and dynamic to be captured, stored, managed and analyzed by conventional tools. The challenge is to manage its Value, Volume, Variety, Velocity ​​and Veracity.


Data at scale.

Huge volumes of data need to be processed and require a large storage capacity, so companies must constantly evolve their HW and SW to handle growth.

Volume of stored data (PB):

  • N. AMERICA: 3,500+
  • EUROPE: 2,000+
  • CHINA: 250+
  • MIDDLE EAST: 200+
  • JAPAN: 400+


Data in many forms.

Data comes from a wide variety of sources and takes on many forms; there are various types of structured and unstructured data.

People to People

Virtual communities, social media, blogs, etc.

People to Machine

Medical devices, smart TVs, e-commerce, personal computers, smartphones, etc.

Machine to Machine

Sensors, Geo-Positioning services, surveillance cameras, barcode scanners, etc.


Data in motion.

Nowadays, data is generated extremely quickly, requiring an agile and efficient response in real time.

Data generated in 60 seconds:


of video uploaded to YouTube


million Facebook posts


million emails sent


Data in uncertainty.

Management of data quality and origin. Analysis of the reliability and predictability of imprecise data, and reduction of uncertainty due to its possible inconsistency and incompleteness.

"Without data you’re just another person with opinion". W. Edwards Deming

We combine the power of Big Data with all the analysis and visualization capabilities offered by modern tools.

Our Big Data Architecture:

  • Ingestion and transformation layer.
  • Processing and storage layer.
  • Management and visualization layer.
  • APIfication.

Technology Landscape

How the data can boost your company?

Health & Research

Clinical decisions backed up by data, trials and personalized medicine, R&D+i, improved pharmaceutical performance and public health systems for prevention and response.


Increased credit score precision, better risk control, monetization of data, market analysis, improved operational efficiency and real-time performance management.


Drastic reduction in operational costs across all manufacturing sectors, increasing performance, improving production rates and favoring process automation.


Increase in the amount of customer information stored (purchasing patterns, habits, etc.). Value proposition tailored to consumer needs with personalized offers in multi-channel sales environments.


Increased productivity and governmental and operational efficiency via digital means, including fraud reduction, error detection and tax collection optimization.


Exponential growth of location data, with a vast potential for intelligent routes and real-time navigation, geographically segmented mobile advertising, people tracking and location exchange.

Our Services

Big Data Consulting

We carry out a maturity assessment by conducting a thorough analysis of our clients’ advanced analytics and their experience with big data technologies, in order to build a personalized strategy.

Big Data Auditing

This includes the review of all the client’s Big Data systems, including critical aspects such as architecture, installation, deployment, development, visualization and security. Upon its completion, we provide detailed documentation on the points of improvement identified, as well as certification of the best practices carried out by the audited company.

Solution Implementation

  • Analysis and definition of the right architecture (infrastructure, tools, platforms, etc.).
  • Implementation, deployment and launch.
  • Integration of defined systems.

This results in a solution implementation that serves as the basis for the construction of analytical systems with big data technologies, mass processing and advanced data, focused on specific business cases.


  • Design of the data exploitation strategy.
  • Definition of an advanced analytics service with the latest data science technologies.
  • Advanced use cases adaptable by sector.
  • Application of deep learning, machine learning, AI, prediction and recommendation systems, NLP, etc.
  • Data cleansing, data analysis, definition and prototyping of algorithms, and communication with all the business areas involved.